Our office has English-speaking dentists.

Welcome to Fukuoka-MA Orthodontics !

We provide the highest quality orthodontic care for all ages.

Our skilled doctors are highly educated .

Our Features

【Over 5,294 Invisalign cases】
We have achieved the "Red Diamond Status " for 3 years in a row and treated over 5,294 Invisalign treatments to date.

We positively do the treatment of non extraction cases, serious crowding and upper protrusion by using Invisalign.

【The pioneer of Invisalign in japan】
Starting as the very first orthodontic clinic in Japan to specialize exclusively in mouthpiece (invisalign)orthodontic treatment, we have over 17 years history of mouthpiece (invisalign)orthodontic treatment.

Our experienced dentists are able to make your treatment success.

We have orthodontic specialists stationed across the country.

【Five locations】
There are Five practices in Fukuoka , Tokyo , Osaka , Aichi , Hokkaido.

You can change the regular location in case when you have to move without changing doctors.

【60minutes Counseling】
We believe that the opportunity for an initial consultation is not just about choosing or being chosen for a treatment method, but a time to better learn about orthodontic treatment and to engage in dialogue.

We hope this will alleviate any anxiety and deepen understanding of orthodontic treatment.

Please feel free to make an appointment for an initial consultation and visit us.

【Japanese Style】
All of our treatment is all based on academic data base and objective evaluation by a third party.

Our passion is not limited to clinical treatment, but we also provide lectures and technical guidance to Invisalign doctors across the country.

We provide uncompromising "Japanese-style" professionals treatment.

The doctor sees the patients only by appointment.

English consultation by phone , E-mail , Online reservation are  available.

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